Risks relating to the industry in which our Group operates
  • Our Group’s business is dependent on the construction and property development industries
  • Competition risks
  • Political, regulatory and economic risks
Risks relating to our business and our operations
  • We are dependent on our experienced management and key personnel
  • We do not have any long term contracts with our customers
  • We are subject to the credit risks of our customers
  • We are dependent on obtaining adequate financing to fund our operations
  • We are subject to our debt servicing obligations
  • Dependency on major suppliers
  • We are exposed to product warranties and product liability claims by our customers
  • Fluctuation in prices of raw materials
Risks relating to the investment in our Shares
  • No prior market for our Shares
  • Failure/delay in or termination/abortion of our Listing
  • Dividend payment is not assured
  • Trading prices and volume of our Shares
Other risks
  • Continued control by our Promoters/substantial shareholders
  • Future fund raising may dilute shareholders’ equity or restrict our operations
  • Forward-looking/prospective statements

* Further details of our risk factors are set out in Section 4 from page 39 to page 44 of Chin Hin Group Berhad’s Prospectus dated 18 February 2016.